Google is the first name that comes to a person’s mind when he or she thinks about search engines. Google is considered as the most popular search engine of modern times. But, remember that it is not the only most popular search engine because YouTube is also in the list of top search engines which is used by almost 80% of internet users every day.

It seems weird to most people to think of YouTube as a search engine, but to be definite YouTube is also a search engine for videos.

When you post a video on YouTube, you cannot just expect it to appear on the top of search results all by itself. Hence, proper YouTube video SEO strategies are also required in order make your video rank higher in the list of a YouTube search result.

Important YouTube SEO tips to rank your videos higher on YouTube

  1. Look for proper keywords: Keywords for YouTube are quite different from the keywords that appear on the results of the different search engines. Most people rely on YouTube for watching videos to solve different problems or for learning something. Hence, you will often find YouTube keywords that start with “how to”. So, make sure that you are using the perfect keyword which is used more by the YouTube users while searching for the type of video you are uploading.
  2. Optimize your video title: Optimizing the title of your YouTube video is as important as the optimization of headlines of your written contents. Remember that by giving a good title to your content, you can gain the perfect first impression of the viewers. So, try to focus on the keywords in your video title and you should also be able to provide a small hint on what your video is focused through the title.
  3. Optimize your tags: One of the best SEO features that YouTube provides is tagging. Tagging will allow you to enter relevant keywords that will help your video in gaining more views. But make sure to use tags which are very much relevant to the contents of your videos.
  4. Ask people to like, share, subscribe and comment: The first most important thing that can ensure your YouTube video to rank in the search results is your number of subscribers. When you have a good number of subscribers, you can see that you videos are automatically trending and gaining views. So, plead your viewers to subscribe your channel at the beginning of every video and ask them to like, share and comment at the end of the video.

These are some of the most common YouTube SEO tips that are followed by most of the top YouTubers in the world.

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