What Is Voice Search Optimization & How it Impact SEO

The year 2011 is quite important as in this year Google introduced the world to its voice search feature. Google uses speech recognition technology to continue the voice search. Here, all you need to do is to speak as clearly as possible about your search item. The voice search result will also show you the same search engine result as regular searching.

What is voice search optimization?

This optimization technique lets the web contents appear in voice search results. This is a method of modifying verbal searches. The voice searching machines and even Google voice search confirm the spoken search item, before showing the final result. Google Home, Siri, Alexa, etc. are using the voice search optimization technique for better understanding. The voice search facilitates the searching operation for users. It has been seen that voice search increases the sale of a business. These days, around 50% of searches are made by voice searches. So, you can understand how important voice search optimization is.

Voice Search Optimization

Top tips for voice search optimization

• Conversational queries- You must have observed that you don’t type the way you speak. Sometimes, the conversational queries are more directional than what you type in the search bar of your search engine. So you must make sure the words you use and soon it would be easy.
• Optimizing your local presence- You should start building a local presence. You can take the help of the Google My Business account for listing. This listing appears to users when they conduct local searches. So, update your business hours, location of your physical store, photos of your products, contact numbers, etc.
• Following SEO practices- The Voice Search Devices pull answers from top search engine results. So, it is important to boost the rank of the web pages. You need to integrate relevant keywords that are the basis of the search. You can focus on long-tail keywords if you want. Not only should this but the contents also be structured in such a way that users can operate these from mobile and other devices too. Also, you should focus on boosting the speed of particular web content.

No matter which SEO package you choose, you should focus on improving the content readability. Voice search optimization also improves the customer experience of a particular website. The best thing about voice search is that it is quite cost-effective. Once you add voice search to your website you will see, how it boosts the sale of your business. The voice search started as a small concept. But, today, it is dominating the online world.

You can contact with Best SEO Company in India for proper voice search optimization. It will help with more leads and sales. These days, the service providers are offering voice search optimization packages as well.

Important On-Page SEO Factors For Ecommerce Websites

Google uses as many as 200 different factors in order to rank a website. So, the business owners of modern times seek the services of the best SEO companies who offer reliable E-commerce SEO packages which include a number of SEO services.

On-Page SEO Factors

On page factors that matter the most:

The methods and the ways used to optimize your webpage might make profound effect on its ranking. Some of the inbound page optimization factors that are used to affect E-commerce SEO are as follows:

1. Keyword in the title tag: The title metadata is one of the strongest relevant signals for a search engine. The tag or the title of the content should be enough to provide the visitors with a basic idea on what the content is about. Including a keyword in the title can attract more audiences to the content and it can also indicate the search engines to rank the page. Pages which contain titles with keywords placed at the start rank better than those which have keywords at the end.
2. Keywords in meta description tag: Meta description plays a very important role in SEO. It can gain more number of clicks from the search result pages of popular search engines. Including a keyword in it can make it more relevant as well as easy to access for the users of search engine.
3. Keyword in Headline 1 tag: Headline is another important factor as it can able to provide with a description of the pages content. So, you must make sure that you have mentioned keywords in your headline in order to create it in more unique way. This can gain the attention of more number of users as they will get easily what they are looking for.
4. Image optimization: Only readable as well as informative texts cannot be enough to optimize a website but other media must also be used. For example, images are capable of sending the search engine relevancy signals with the help of alternative texts, captions and description.
5. Content updates: Google algorithm prefers websites with freshly updated contents. This indicates that you will have to keep on editing your page and update it at least twice or thrice in a year.
6. Outbound links: Linking your contents with certain authoritative pages can send trust signals to the search engines. This can make your content more informative as the viewers will be able to find more information through links in your content. This is considered as a huge trust factor in Google search engine. Outbound links can affect your page’s ranking in a positive way but using too many of them can make negative impacts.

These are some of the main on page factors that are focused on mainly in the SEO packages of reliable SEO companies like SEO online India.

Backlinks Quality or Quantity Matter in SEO?

Thousands of websites struggle and battle to gain the top position in result pages of the top search engines and it depends on a certain number of factors. Backlinks are considered as one of the most important factors which can help a user to move from one website to another and is considered as a compelling indication of value to Google.

These days, most of the business owners recognize the usefulness and benefits of link building, so they seek the help of the best SEO Company in India to gain the maximum number of backlinks to their websites.

What you need to know about Backlinks

Importance of backlinks

Backlinks are also known as inbound or incoming links and are created when one website provides the link to another website. For example, you are reading about a specific vacation location and that content links to a blog post comparing the different travel agencies that offer tours in that specific location. So, a backlink is created to the blog of travel agencies from the vacation location site.

Importance of Backlinks

Backlinks are important for SEO as they can signal to Google that your content seems trustworthy as well as valuable to some other resource. So more number of business owners is investing in SEO services in India for gaining more number of backlinks in their websites as when a website earns additional links, search engine infers that the contents of that website is valuable and it is worth of ranking well on the SERPs. The main importance of backlinks for SEO includes:

1. It determines how the contents of your website get indexed: Google as well as other popular search engines use search spider in order to index websites by depending on the quality of backlinks they possess.

2. Drives more quality traffic to a website: When you build good quality backlinks from other websites you will be able to drive more traffic to your website from other sites. People will tend to rely more on your website and in this way, you website can gain more authority.

3. Your website will build more trust among your targeted audiences: Presence of inbound links can indicate relevance as well as importance of your website. Top search engines give more importance and credit to such websites which are endorsed by other websites. This can gain a higher rank in the search results of the popular search engines and can automatically gain the trust of more number of your targeted audiences.

But it must be remembered, that search engine will consider the quality of the contents on the websites with the inbound links and backlinks alone cannot guarantee high rank on search engines. So also make sure to look at other factors of SEO with the help of services from companies like SEO online India.