YouTube SEO: Important Tips to Rank Your Videos on YouTube

Google is the first name that comes to a person’s mind when he or she thinks about search engines. Google is considered as the most popular search engine of modern times. But, remember that it is not the only most popular search engine because YouTube is also in the list of top search engines which is used by almost 80% of internet users every day.

It seems weird to most people to think of YouTube as a search engine, but to be definite YouTube is also a search engine for videos.

YouTube video SEO

When you post a video on YouTube, you cannot just expect it to appear on the top of search results all by itself. Hence, proper YouTube video SEO strategies are also required in order make your video rank higher in the list of a YouTube search result.

Important YouTube SEO tips to rank your videos higher on YouTube

  1. Look for proper keywords: Keywords for YouTube are quite different from the keywords that appear on the results of the different search engines. Most people rely on YouTube for watching videos to solve different problems or for learning something. Hence, you will often find YouTube keywords that start with “how to”. So, make sure that you are using the perfect keyword which is used more by the YouTube users while searching for the type of video you are uploading.
  2. Optimize your video title: Optimizing the title of your YouTube video is as important as the optimization of headlines of your written contents. Remember that by giving a good title to your content, you can gain the perfect first impression of the viewers. So, try to focus on the keywords in your video title and you should also be able to provide a small hint on what your video is focused through the title.
  3. Optimize your tags: One of the best SEO features that YouTube provides is tagging. Tagging will allow you to enter relevant keywords that will help your video in gaining more views. But make sure to use tags which are very much relevant to the contents of your videos.
  4. Ask people to like, share, subscribe and comment: The first most important thing that can ensure your YouTube video to rank in the search results is your number of subscribers. When you have a good number of subscribers, you can see that you videos are automatically trending and gaining views. So, plead your viewers to subscribe your channel at the beginning of every video and ask them to like, share and comment at the end of the video.

These are some of the most common YouTube SEO tips that are followed by most of the top YouTubers in the world.

Rank Your Videos on YouTube

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What is App Store Optimization (ASO) – Important Tips for 2021

The process of optimizing the rank of a mobile app in the search result of an app store is known as App Store Optimization. You will be able to gain more number of potential customers if your app is capable of ranking in the top list of the search results of the app stores.

With proper App Store Optimization services, the visibility of your app will increase and as a result it will tend to translate more traffic to your app page.

Important tips for App Store Optimization (ASO)


For getting the most out of ASO, you need to determine the crucial understanding of your target customer base and also know the exact keywords that most of your customers are using for finding apps similar to yours. Besides these, the other tips you can follow for best ASO in 2021 are as follows:

  1. Provide a good descriptive title: Providing a good name will not only help the customers in identifying what your app provides to its users, but it can improve your app ranking as well. Every app store like Google, Apple will give you limited characters for your title, hence make sure that your title is concise as well as most informative besides remaining within its limit.
  2. Use keywords wisely: Just like title, your keyword will also play an important role in optimizing the rank of your app in app store. Simultaneously, handling of keywords will also vary from Apple app store to Google app store. For Example, Apple will provide only 100 characters for all your keywords, hence also try to use the keywords in the wisest way.
  3. Describe your app nicely: For both Apple as well as Android apps, the description of the app will act as the landing page of the app. So, with the inclusion of the best description, your app will help you to make more sales. Hence, providing a good app description should be considered as one of the most important part of App Store Optimization Strategies. While describing your app, try to assume that your users know nothing about your app and you are supposed to provide the basic details clearly and concisely.
  4. Add an App Preview Video: Some studies revealed that almost 85% of the internet users watch videos online before making purchases online. By adding a video for your App Store page, you can provide your users a better insight into what your app can offer them. This technique is considered very important for making your app page rank even higher as video is considered as one of the most valuable digital content.

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How to Increase Conversion Rate of Your Ecommerce Website in 2021

The average conversation rate of a good website is just 2%. So as a well-known business owner can expect only two customers out of every hundred visitors your website has. But, though it will sound strange, still two percent is considered as pretty good conversation rate. So, from this it must be pretty clear to you, how difficult it is to increase the conversation rate for your business and how important it is for a business owner to hire the best SEO service providers for availing the best Ecommerce SEO services.


Increase Conversion Rate of Your Ecommerce Website

Ways followed by the best Ecommerce SEO companies to increase the conversation rate of an Ecommerce website

  • Addition of a good pop-up to the site: Adding a pop-up can increase the conversation rate to more than three percent immediately. When the addition of pop-up is done in the most perfect way, the conversation rate of some businesses reach up to 10%. And this strategy works on every website.
  • Removal of unnecessary form fields: Most of the people these days simply ignore any kind of website which requires filling online forms. So, if your website consists of unnecessary form fields, it might kill your conversation rate. Hence the professionals of Ecommerce SEO companies remove all the unwanted form fields and keep only the essential things which are important for accomplishing the business owner’s goal.
  • Addition of testimonials, reviews and logos: No person wants to be the first person to use a specific product or service. So by providing testimonials and reviews on your website from the past customers, you can attract more number of new customers to purchase your products. Besides, adding logos on the homepages can gain instant trust of new visitors of your website.
  • Removal of all kinds of distractions: Most of the SEO professionals create the landing page of a website in a clear, concise and easy to navigate way. This ensures that the visitors of your website are able to find the products and services they are looking for more easily. Also for the content of your website, try to stick to the exact information that your visitors need to know.

Certain other things like things like chat box, social proof and videos are also included in the websites, but these things do not distract the visitors, rather it helps in gaining trust of more customers.

  • Addition of third party sign up service: People these days prefer to log in through their Google, Facebook and other social media accounts instead of creating a new profile from scratch. This helps in eliminating the time consuming process of signup and also ensures in gaining more visitors.

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