These days, almost everyone uses Google as their search engine. The android phones are built with a default Google browser. Google brings maps, news, music player, etc. to market to facilitate the life of people. The Google News must be the first thing you check in the morning after waking up. Google News refers to a news aggregator service that provides up-to-date news coverage from various sources across the globe. Apart from Android devices, the Google News app can be downloaded in IOS and Desktop computers also.

Google News

How does Google News work?

Google uses more than one type of Search Engine Result Page Algorithms and these algorithms decide which News should appear as top stories for a particular user. Sometimes, the Google News stories are affected by your frequent searches, liked stories by you, etc. These days, many are using Google News SEO to avoid duplication of News stories. Google News SEO also prevents the same stories created by different sources from appearing more than once. These days, SEO Company India is providing assistance regarding Google News SEO.

Optimization of Google News, Top Stories, and Discover

• Google News- Do you know most of the people open Google News through their mobile or while opening the Google browser? For appearing in Google News you need to focus on Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP status report. Apart from this, Google also sets some content policies. These are limited ad and sponsor content, no copyrighted content, no violent content, no contents comprising harassment and bullying, no confidential information, no spam, etc. Apart from these, you should also put suitable keywords and relevant media to support your news content. You also need to focus on news headlines, these should be well informative and catchy to attract users.

• Top Stories- Are you a news publisher? If you are, you must have known how important a role top stories play in accumulating organic traffic. Here, the Best SEO Company India helps with Google News SEO to provide the primary title of the page and does effective content optimization. These make the news stories more reliable and compel the users to click on these top stories. So, the Top Stories of Google is considered as a goldmine for publishers.

• Google Discover- This is a relatively modern feature of Google. Google Discover was launched in 2018 and you can only avail yourself this feature if you use the mobile app. Google Discover takes into account the location of the user, his or her search history etc. After that Google Discover shows him or her a personalized set of News Stories. Google discover also features nearby restaurants, coaching institutes, cricket score update etc. depending on your previous searches.

The Best SEO Company India provides Google News SEO support. These companies will charge you only a few bucks for this service. If you are a news publisher or aspiring to be one, you should invest in Google News SEO packages.

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