How to Optimize Google My Business & Leverage for Sales and Traffic

Local SEO refers to the process which is used to improve the online presence of a business. It attracts more customers from local regions. There are quite a few well-known search engines on the Internet, namely Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, etc. However, due to Google’s recent domination on search engine space with 87% US market share, you should focus on SEO specifically suited for Google.

What is Google my business account and what does it do?

Google My Business serves the purpose of promoting businesses on Google Search and Google Maps. It is a free tool that can be used by anyone. You can easily manage the Business profile, connect with potential customers, and post updates related to your business. Opening a Google My Business account should be the first step if you want to attract more traffic to your business.

Google my business

How does Google my business account help in local SEO?

People widely use google to search for products or services that are available nearby. For example, someone can search for “Pizza restaurant” on Google. Google includes nearby Pizza restaurants along with their locations on Google Maps in the search result. If you open a Google My Business account, you have the potential to reach a lot of customers when people search for items associated with your website. You should make sure that the available information about your business is accurate, elaborate, and engaging. You should also provide a verified location and accurate business hours in the Google My Business account. Your business will appear on top of the search engine results if it is very relevant to the search term. Distance of the user’s location from your business also plays a role in the search results.

What are the top services provided in local SEO packages?

To give your business the amount of traffic and exposure it deserves, you should consider taking help from Local SEO services India. You should also explore Local SEO packages to decide on the appropriate promotional plan for your business. These packages generally include services of local keyword analysis, local SEO audit, location-based page analysis, etc. When it comes to local SEO, they focus mainly on the Google My Business account and its management. A keyword analysis is also one of the important aspects of local SEO. It involves identifying and analyzing the most used search terms near your business location. Local SEO audit involves going through the business website and identifying key areas where it needs work to attract more traffic. Creating a relevant all-around website is very important for your business to show up near the top of search results. Also, location-based analysis, and consistency in the provided information, namely Name, Address, and Phone Number, play a major role when users try to identify a business on the web.

With more and more people relying on Google to search for products and services online, it is very important to get your business noticed by local Google users. So, keep updating your Google my business account and enjoy the benefits of Local SEO services.